What to Wear to An Interview- The Power Suit and Tie Combination

Got an interview for a new job and want to look and feel your absolute best?  No sweat, here is your simple solution to nailing the perfect look:

Navy Suit, white button down shirt, power red tie.  Boom!  

There is no suit/tie combination more powerful than this.  It is appropriate for business meetings/interviews, casual wear, weddings, dinner parties, and pretty much every single occasion!  This combination simply does the trick.

Don’t forget our Rules for Tailoring Your Suit…  Make sure the suit fits the way it should.  Once this is done, find yourself a clean, nicely ironed/pressed/steamed white button down shirt.  If it is a French cuff shirt, wear simple, classic cuff links that are not too flashy.  You can choose whichever collar you wish for the shirt, but we say, go for the spread collar.  You’ll be impressed…  And so will they.

Next, find a strong, clean, red tie.  The tie does not have to be plain red.  It can have designs or patterns as long as they are not overpowering.  Fix yourself a nice windsor knot and be sure the tie reaches your waist line, or right above your belt, and there you have it.  The look.

Some small improvements and suggestions to this wardrobe:

  1. Wear a watch- A watch serves more so as an accessory than it does a time piece these days.  Wear it for flash and flare.
  2. Shoes- You can wear black or brown shoes with this suit/tie combination.  I recommend wearing light brown shoes with a light brown belt.  Be sure to MATCH YOUR LEATHERS!
  3. Belts- Like I said, just make sure they match your shoes.  Black shoes = black belt.  Brown shoes = brown belt.
  4. Cuffs- Wear them if you’d like.  Don’t flash them off.  Cuffs are not necessary for an interview.
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