Tip of the Day- Reduce Your Attachment to Your Possessions

Living a materialistic lifestyle is not the way to go through life.  That is, do not let simply your possessions be the things that make you happy.  Rather, allow yourself to be happy through the meaningful things that surround you like your family and friends.

Today’s Tip of the Day: Find a way to reduce your attachment to your possessions.  The more attached you are to the things you own, the harder it will be for you the day they are no longer there.  Let’s say you were hired as VP of some big company and were granted a hefty bonus along with a sharp company car.  Two years roll around and the company is not where they want to be and they decide to let you go, taking your car back and ceasing all payments they were making towards you.  You’re going to find yourself in a rut rather quickly.

Being a needy person is not the way to go through life.  Many of us (myself included) are used to receiving things that we want and expecting them to continue to happen.  Minimizing your affection for materialistic things like clothes, cars, houses, and more can be a good way to find positivity in the things in life that will truly make you happy.  I am confident you will discover what these naturally spirit lifting things are when you grow further from the money oriented pleasures.

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4 thoughts on “Tip of the Day- Reduce Your Attachment to Your Possessions

  1. This #TOD seems to contradict everything you have posted in the past. Now you are telling me not to buy the overpriced shoes, ties, pocket squares, watches, shirts, suits, etc that you have so highly recommended already?

    I’m not trying to be a jerk, but, come on?

    • We are in the mindset of “Look good feel good.” We are not telling you to spend absurd amounts of money on materials, but rather to invest wisely in what we recommend and search for great deals on the product we support.

      We don’t want people being attached to their cars, their TVs and whatever else… Yes, we want them to enjoy them once they have them, but we do not want them to be the focal point of their lives.

      We promote a look that we feel you should be following. We do not want you spending money you don’t have. We want you to change or improve in the way that you look and feel to give yourself more confidence and happiness in your life.

    • I don’t think this contradicts anything. I think it is a great way to look at life. Do what makes you happy and find what makes you happy. Look good while doing it if you’d like. Right J Norman?

  2. Reblogged this on Feeling Womanish and commented:
    This blog post struck a chord with me because I have struggled with this, and I have a number of friends and acquaintances that struggle with this. Your possessions are meant to serve you and your purpose in life. When they don’t, you should get rid of them!

    And, gentlemen, this is a sartorial advice column that I find amusing and spot on. If you want tips on how to upgrade your look, follow along with J Norman Post. He does a really good job.

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