Tip of the Day- Remember People’s Names

How many times can you call someone, “Bro,” “Man,” “Buddy,” “Pal,” “Girl,” or any other non-professional sir name?  It gets old quick, and people catch on even quicker.  Whenever I am in a conversation with someone that I have not been acquainted with for some time, and they do not address me by my first name, my immediate impression is that they simply do not know it.  It is an issue that we all find ourselves faced with all too often.  

If you are having a hard time remembering someone’s name, there’s a decent chance that they are having the same problem.  There have been way too many times where I simply space out and go to the infamous, “What’s up man?” introductory line and end it in, “Okay, have a good one bro!”

I have one specific acquaintence, who I will leave nameless, that whenever I see him, I can never remember his name.  Just the other day I was out to lunch and the gentleman was there…  “Shit!” I said, as I tried to avoid him until figuring out his name.  I quickly pulled my phone out and texted my Father, asking him what this lad’s name was, after describing him and where we had seen him last.  Before any response I am greeted by the man and forced to use the typical, “I-don’t-know-your-name-‘hello.'”  As we parted ways, I looked at my phone to see if I had any response from my Father… Nothing.  “See ya brother.”

When someone remembers your name or vice versa, you/they should feel appreciated.  When someone greets you by your first name, it is common courtesy to greet them back by theirs.  Not doing such, is simply a tell-tale sign that you have forgotten.

Today’s Tip of the Day: Find a way to remember people’s names.  Figure out some rhyme or some silly way to remember their name so that the next time you see them, you do not have this problem.  Not remembering someone’s name can really lead to awful impressions and leave a life-lasting embarrassing moment.  Train your mind to be better at this game and it will pay off.


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