Thoughts on Tonight’s MLB Playoff Format? #MLB2012

First of all, who ya got?  The 2012 MLB playoffs are off to the races tonight with the first ever seen, one-game-play-in series.  The Atlanta Braves host the defending World Series Champion, St. Louis Cardinals, while the Texas Rangers to host the Baltimore Orioles.

J Norman Post Predictions: We are taking the Braves to beat out the Cardinals and to make up for there ‘Red Sox-like’ collapse of 2011.  We want to see Larry ‘Chipper’ Jones make a deep run into the 2012 post season for his final playoff appearance of his historic career.

We’ve got Baltimore beating the Texas Rangers.  The Orioles haven’t been here in what seems like centuries.  They are hungry.  They will use every pitcher in their rotation to secure their chances.  I can assure you this, you will see the bullpen active all night!  The Rangers blew their first place lead over the Oakland Athletics which was upheld more or less all season long.  They are on the down slope and we expect the young and energetic Baltimore Orioles to take off running.

J Norman’s thoughts on 2012 Playoff Format:  It’s a start.  I have been saying that baseball needs to involve more teams in the playoffs ever since I became a fan.  They play 162 games a year and only 8 teams make the post season!!  Come on.  

So, involving a one game, wild card series is a start.  I expect the wild card series to open up into at least a best of 3 at some point.  Baseball is too weird of a game to put the entire season’s outcomes on one game.  Anything can happen.  Although, I guess that’s what makes baseball a truly special game.  What are your thoughts on the 2012 MLB Playoff Format?


4 thoughts on “Thoughts on Tonight’s MLB Playoff Format? #MLB2012

  1. Chipper’s throwing error was heartbreaker – tough way to close out a great career. The Braves were my favorite team when Maddux led the greatest rotation ever in the history of baseball. The playoffs were automatic for years with Maddux, Glavine, and Smoltz. I went to see Maddux pitch his last game with the Cubs near the end of his run. His greatest achievement, amongst many, was his almost unimaginable feat of 17 straight years with 15 or more wins.

    But that infield fly rule? No way that was an infield ball.

    • No way was it an infield fly. it’s sad to see officiating make people hate the game. Should have been a call worth overturning. Sad outcome. You don’t want games to have that type of controversy. Similar to the Monday Night mayhem. Replay is needed in everything. I was not on board for replay in baseball, but now it has been proven to be needed in everything!

      Maddux was a beast! Rumor has it he used to pop a Viagra before he would pitch… What have you heard?

      • Never heard that one, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

        Maddux and Glavine were in one of my favorite TV ads: Chics dig the long ball.

        As for pre game routines, I always liked Wade Boggs’s:

        “Wade boasts a long list of quirks. The “chicken man” ate chicken before every game, took exactly 150 ground balls during infield practice, and wrote the word “Chai” [meaning “life”] in the dirt before each at-bat.

        He was also meticulous about his schedule, always taking batting practice at exactly 5:17 p.m. and running sprints at 7:17 p.m. The 12-time All-Star won the Silver Slugger Award 8 times and the Gold Glove Award twice.” – Men’s Health

        As I was writing this reply, I got stuck on Wade Boggs’ possessive form. Is it Boggs’s or Boggs’? Even the Supreme Court couldn’t agree.

        When in doubt, I always go to the Grammar Girl online.

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