Change Up Your Style Part II

In our first article, Change Up Your Style Part I, we spoke of shirt tie combos, pant fittings, suits, polos, and shoes.  Today, we are going to focus specifically on pants.

A few years back you were probably able to wear the same jeans over and over any time you went out without anyone noticing or saying a word about it.  Unfortunately, in today’s competitive nature, that gig no longer works.  Consistently throwing on a pair of jeans with a button-down says you’re boring, consistent, and not stylish.

Fortunately, you probably already have options that you are unaware of.  Look into your closet and see what kind of khakis and suit pants you have that have been tailored or are slim cut to begin with.  Lay them on your bed and pair them with some clever dress shirts, polos, T-shirts, sweaters, jackets and more.  You’ll be surprised what you have that you are not pulling off.  If your suit pants are not tailored to fit you like they should, or, if they look like something a 1920s mob boss would wear, put them back in the closet. 

The cool thing about men and women’s clothing is that much of it is recyclable.  Clothes that you once wore can be considered retro or trendy, today.  Just be sure that the particular item fits you well before attempting to reuse.  If your closet is not filled with hidden old gems, we recommend having at least two pairs of jeans, a nice pair of khakis, and some dress slacks thrown in there.  Be easy on the wallet and search for the best deals out there.

As we mentioned earlier, avoid the baggy pant look.  Even gangster rap artists have taken the huge jeans that used to sag below their asses, out of the closet.  People are quick to judge these days.  What you are wearing is normally what someone’s first impression will be based on of you.  Don’t you want immediate positivity portrayed?

Avoid pleats.  Pleats are a fold made in that pants, near the waist, that double the fabric and make a crease or a line in the pants.  Absolutely avoid buying any new pants that have pleats.  If you’ve got them, and you like them, go for it, but our advice is to make no further purchases on pleated pants.

Avoid cuffs in pants.  Once again, if you’ve got a pair of pants that already have cuffs, no biggie.  If it’s your thing it’s your thing.  It’s just not ours.  Cuffs in pants are outdated and unnecessary.  If you have a pair of pants that have cuffs and you want them out, bring them into your nearest tailor, or stop in at Tony Walker and get them taken out.  A straight legged, slim pant with no cuff will look better than that of a cuffed one. 

Pair up your kicks nicely with the pants you decide to wear.  Clarks, Sperry, and Red Wing are all great brands that have endless choices for all seasons.  Come by The Tony Walker Men’s Shop today and check out the new line up they’ve got.  You’ll be sure to go home satisfied. 


3 thoughts on “Change Up Your Style Part II

  1. Did you see this about pleats? What are your thoughts? I just dropped $473 on 2 pair of flat fronts… hope I didn’t make the wrong call, J.

    Obviously at these shows they are introducing looks far in advance, but looking at that list of designers, it’s hard not to imagine pleats being a sexy look in 2013 and beyond.

    Are you at least willing to bend on the no-pleats rule?

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