Tip of the Day

Today’s #TOD: When your favorite (or once favorite) suit/suit jacket no longer fits, do not give it away, instead hit the gym.  There’s no other reason that your jacket should not fit.  It will not have shrunk, you will have grown.  Unless you are bulking up with muscle weight, let your unfitted suit be your motivation to get back into the gym.  When it starts fitting a little better, you will feel rewarded and self confident.

You don’t want to look like this…


One thought on “Tip of the Day

  1. I would like the JOTG because I’m one of the selmlast kids on my basketball team and don’t have much to work with and the ability to jump higher will allow me to use something against the taller and faster kids on my team. I am the best candidate because people overlook but with the program i will be able to show that I don’t need to be 6 to be a good basketball athlete. The increase in my vertical would mean that I have shown people that I am able to be successful without height. Thanks

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