Tip of the Day- Let Your Gray Go

Men, don’t be ashamed of your gray hair, rather, embrace it.  It is very easy to pick out men who dye their hair and there is nothing wrong with the concept.  However, our advice is to give your gray a shot.  According to recent studies, 78 percent of women said that gray hair on men is sexy.  

There are some exceptions to the hair dying rule that people must understand: The entertainment business requires their talent to avoid gray hair.  That is, TV anchors, sports reporters, news cast members, and most actors and actresses are required to dye their hair to avoid gray.  Also, for the men who have been dying their hair since it began coming in gray, it would be a very difficult transition to suddenly let your gray roots sink in.  We understand if you are hesitant.

For those that are experiencing a gray hair invasion, I say give it a go and embrace your inner silver fox.  Women, surprisingly love it.  And for the comments and jokes that may come along with the gray hair, we recommend you make up some clever 50 Shades of Grey joke indicating that the gray is doing wonders for your sex life.


3 thoughts on “Tip of the Day- Let Your Gray Go

  1. Great tip of the day, JNorman. I’ll be waiting for your Top 10 Worst Hair Jobs.

    John McEnroe’s recent dye job puts him in the running for the most ghoulish look, but is anyone’s hair worse than Al Michaels? In time, that little twit Bob Costas will give them all a run for their money. As for toupees, John Travolta and Marv Albert are in a dead heat for the worst I’ve seen. That leaves hair plugs for the most comical look. Chris Berman and Joe Biden split my vote.

    Arnold Schwarzenegger was on 60 Minutes last night with a full head of red hair and enough Botox in his forehead to stun an elephant. HDTV is killing these guys. It’s a relief when you see someone age naturally and gracefully.

    • HD TV destroys men that try and cheat their way to looking good. I saw Arnold’s appearance last night and boy did he look bad (in an attempt to look good). Bobby Valentine will soon join the hair dyeing crew again as he is sure to be fired from the Red Sox and brought back into the ESPN studio. We’ll see if he goes with the classic brown-red dye or if they switch things up on his second time around.

      It surprises me that they even allow Marv Albert to dye his hair. Enough said.

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