The Match: Simple Understandings for Your Basic Wardrobe

There are certain understandings and unwritten rules that go along with the fashion game.  Most are meant to be broken and altered.  Here are a few guides on how to compliment your wardrobe the best that you can:

It is an understanding (but absolutely NOT a rule) that you advocate matching leathers in your wardrobe.  That is to say that a man or woman should attempt to match the color of your leathers in regards to shoes, belts, watch straps, etc.  When wearing a brown belt, you should be wearing brown shoes.  When wearing a brown-banded watch, people will not pay as much attention, but it still brings about a certain complimentary sense if you go with a brown belt and brown shoes when doing such.  Carrying a bag with this wardrobe?  Your bag 100% does not need to match your leathers.  It would make for a sexy combination if it did though…

Metals DO NOT NEED TO MATCH.  Wearing a steel, silver colored watch with a gold tie bar?  No problem.  Don’t let mixing metals even be a concern.  You aren’t going to own an interchangeable wedding ring once you’re hitched… Don’t let the metal game throw you off.

Most men often assume that a pocket square should match that of their tie.  This is not the case.  Your square does not need to match your tie, however be cautious not to let them clash.  You don’t want to wear a pink square with a red tie or mix other contradicting colors. 

You can match your pocket square with your tie and pull off a great look, but sometimes it is better to avoid the exact color coordination in your suit game.  Check out ESPN and see how some of the anchors wear matching squares.  Sometimes it looks good and sometimes it looks cheesy.  You be your own judge.  A white pocket square is pretty much always acceptable.  Remember that when you’re struggling for the final touch to your wardrobe.

Check in with us later in the week to discuss the rules of fashion that are meant to be broken.


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