English Lifestyle: Sharp Clothes, Beer, Soccer, and Cigarettes

About a year or so ago, I made my first voyage overseas and got to see the brilliant lifestyles of The UK and of Italy.  From the food to the fashion, I was able to learn a lot.  In short, the Italians know how to eat, and the English know how to dress.

London, England was magnificent.  It was a bit more Americanized than Italy was, which may have made things a bit more comfortable and enjoyable for me, but all in all both places were great.  The UK are far from being known for their food.  I won’t focus on their lack of enjoyable food, but rather on their brilliant sense of style.

As I walked up the street of Piccadilly, in downtown London, I immediately realized I was underdressed.  Yes, I was walking through the city and I was underdressed.  That’s tough to do.  It seemed as if every man in that city was rocking his best suit.  I recall my first view of the overall population and the look on my face read an obvious, “What the fuck?” expression.  From 3 piece suits, to pinstripes, to jackets with slacks, to the shoes, these men were dapperly attired.  Thinking back on it now, this trip may have reignited my desire to the fashion game.  When everyone else in the city is dressed better than you, you begin to feel a bit insecure.  It is not too often you are going to walk through downtown Buffalo and see men that look like they just stepped out of a GQ shoot.  Well, in London, they do.

Everyone wore nicely tailored suits.  The general theme seemed to be dark navy or black suits, but sport coats and grey suits were also added into the mix.  I think more men were wearing ties than those that were not.  Pocket squares were not worn by all men, but definitely were recognized on those that were.  Tie bars were certainly seen, but once again not by all men.

As the work day ended, and the crew headed to the local Pub, you were really able to see the quick lifestyle of the English.  They love to drink beer, they love to smoke, and they dress impeccable.  As we walked into the pub, through a cloud of smoke, and through a crowd of sharply dressed business men and women I met a few more individuals of our work crowd.  Great guys!  More beer, more laughs!As we talked on over a few pints, I was introduced to the European sporting world.  Never really being a soccer fan, I saw what passion these guys had for their clubs.  I can’t remember who roots for who, but all I know is that soccer (or futbol) is taken incredibly seriously over there.  The hooligans and the rioting are just another way of life.  Cricket was mentioned briefly in the sporting conversation, but it was obvious that soccer was the number one.

The English certainly live a different lifestyle from Americans.  Where I like to wake up, do the work thing, head home, workout, shower, eat and relax, I do not see them doing the same.  Which lead to a very concerning question of mine: With all the drinking and smoking how are all of these people skinny?!  For short, everyone walks everywhere in London.  I guess this constant, easy exercise really pays off.

The city is amazing.  The buildings have such a great history to them, the scenery is so clean and beautiful, and the people seem to be genuine and friendly (or maybe it’s just their accents).  Do a little research on the UK and see what you can discover, and if they follow a lifestyle you might like.

Stay tuned for the Italian Lifestyle.


Tip of the Day- How to Make A Workout Enjoyable

Many people fail to realize the enjoyability and capability of being able to workout from your own home.  If you have a floor, and an able body, you can do it.  But still, that isn’t enough to get most people to want to work out.  It’s a hassle, I know.  But here is a good way to enjoy your workout.

Today’s Tip of the Day: Pick out a show, or a series of shows that you have wanted to watch, but have not gotten around to it.  Whether they are shows that are now over, or just in the prime of their airing, pick a few (or one).  Next, sing up for Netflix or Hulu Plus or some other program that you can watch your new shows from.  After doing such, pick out a good spot in your home, where you will have the availability to stream your new show, and get ready for your workout.  If you are one of those, who hates working out, set a goal for a minimum, 20 minute workout and have at it.

A quick, simple workout from home:

  1. Plank for 30 seconds to one minute
  2. Side plank for 30 seconds to one minute on each side
  3. Pushup variations for 5 minutes- Military style, knee pushups, tri pushups
  4. Lunges- Side lunges and Forward Lunges
  5. Burpees

This simple workout and simple plan will be sure to help you enjoy your workout.  It’s how I get through mine.

Tip of the Day

Today’s Tip of the Day: Develop the ability to Forgive.

Forgiveness is an important act in everyone’s life.  Holding grudges/burning bridges is not the way to go about living.  So often I hear stories about troubled relationships of parents to children, or siblings to siblings and it makes me sad.  Is it really worth going through life not knowing what things would be like if you could just find a way to forgive and forget.  I understand that mistakes are made and that people do very stupid/mean things sometimes, but be the bigger and better person and be the one to try and ignite your relationship again.  

When I was in college, I had a kid, now a friend of mine, who whenever we saw each other, we would have “beef”.  Whether we ended up stink-eying one another from the other end of the bar or throwing hay makers at one another, something always seemed to go wrong when we crossed paths.  I went out of my way to message the guy completely out of nowhere saying that I was sorry for any scraps we once got in and that I would love to find a way to laugh about our old stupid fights when we see each other next, rather than give each other the “Tough guy look”, from across the bar.  He was completely thrown off and I believe he didn’t take me serious right away but after some messaging back and forth, we worked it out and since have become pals.

I know some people have more intense stories of failed relationships and held grudges, but still, I say, find a way to forgive.  Call your Dad, email your sister; do whatever you need to do to initiate the conversation and resolve your disputes.

The Giant Story of an Unlikely World Champion

As I watched the Detroit Tigers face off against the San Francisco Giants last night, I realized for about the three thousandth time in my life, that baseball is such an incredibly unique game.  If you are a fan of the MLB you should be aware that the San Francisco Giants were far from the deadliest lineup in baseball, from the start of the year to the end.  Detroit, on the other hand, had the intimidation factor of the Hulk against their opponents.  The best pitcher in baseball (Verlander) and a triple crown winner in Miguel Cabrera, to be followed by Prince Fielder, amongst other mentionable studs.  I had the Tigers winning it in 7 and boy was I wrong.

One thing that particularly stood out to me last night was in the post game area.  I am a Marco Scutaro fan.  I liked him as a member of the Red Sox, and I have always admired his passion and efforts in the game.  As he approached Erin Andrews to give his post game speech, and let his first words on national television  after winning the world series, be that one of his teammates hit him in the head, I was stunned to find out that he had some Dominican accent.  Clueless.  This is no big deal, but for me, baseball is one of the most American sports of all time and has been known to be America’s past, and I was convinced of Scuataro’s American citizenship.  Wrong again I was.  Regardless, the Giants made the biggest move of the season in acquiring Scutaro from the Colorado Rockies earlier on.  Scutaro showed to be an elite leader and the most clutch player in this year’s post season.  He just made himself some serious cash as an aging middle infielder in the MLB.

This all just shows the unpredictability in everything that is baseball.  If there is a sport that is difficult to bet on and predict, more so than any other, it is baseball.  Need some proof: The Baltimore Orioles made the playoffs!  Enough said.  The worst teams in the league can consistently upset the best teams in the league.  The players range from every location in the entire world (it seems).  The MLB is the biggest melting pot of a league and I think it is a very credible attribute for them.  David and Goliath matches do not exist in the world of baseball.  $150 million payrolls are constantly upset by $50 million dollar ones.

I am obsessed with the uniqueness of the game.  For those of you nay-sayers who find the game too boring to be watched, or too long to be taken serious, I say, give it another shot.  Baseball is an amazing game, with an amazing history.

Congratulations to the San Francisco Giants who had incredible performances from team members like Marco Scutaro, Pablo Sandoval, Matt Cain, Barry Zito, the entire bullpen and more.

How to Avoid Packing on Pounds in the Winter

With the winter approaching, people always seem to be a little more nonchalant about their eating habits, drinking habits  and overall health habits.  I’m here to tell you that you shouldn’t be.

Today’s #TOD: This is going to be somewhat of a play by play you should perform:

  1. Step on a scale and configure your weight
  2. Determine whether this is a weight you want or one that needs change
  3. Figure a weight that you want to be at and set a goal
  4. Weigh yourself everyday or every other day (if you have the availability)
  5. Be healthy this winter
  • Eat Right
  • Work out

Put together some workout program and diet program.  Weather to chilly to get out and go to the gym?  No problem.  We will post this week about the perfect ways to turn your home into a gym.  Stay tuned.

It’s easy to coop up, play video games and eat fast food with the winter rolling around.  Find ways to break out of your lazy habits and keep yourself looking and feeling great this winter.

Before You Bundle Up- Part II

So you’ve got your vest, you’ve got your sport coat and now you still are finding yourself a bit chilly during these mid-fall days.  How else can you stay warm,stay stylish, while still leaving your overcoat in the closet?

Gloves.  I know… How clever right?  So simple, yet so many people do not wear gloves.  If you’ve never worn them in your life, it is hard to all of a sudden make the transition.  There are many forms of gloves that you can rock:

  • NorthFace Etip gloves- The perfect solution to this cooler seasonal change.  North Face Etip gloves are a light glove that have the index finger and thumb made with a special material that allows you to use your iPhone with the gloves still on.Tired of trying to operate the click wheel on your music player with bulky gloves? Can’t seem to dial the right number?  Not to worry.  With Etip gloves:

    • Comfortably work your laptop touch pad, MP3 player, or cell phone with warm hands
    • Works well with touch-screen devices
    • Silicone grip pattern on palm for added grip
  • Colored Wool gloves-  Sick of the same old black looking gloves?  Not to worry.  Check stores like Gap, J Crew, and Jack Spade to see their selection of colored gloves to perk up your style before you get into full winter gear.  
  • Leather Gloves- Leather gloves are usually saved for the winter, yes.  But it’s not too soon to whip out a nice pair of driving gloves or leather winter gloves to stay warm and stay stylish.

** We are sold on the colored wool gloves.  Go for it. **

Tip of the Day

Today’s #TOD is: Try and find a way to develop personality that people will enjoy and want to be around.  Become charismatic.  We do not want you to change who you truly are, rather, to find a way to make yourself more enjoyable to yourself as well as to others.  

An important part of this tip, is to believe and realize that you already are charismatic.  Have that self-confidence that you need to portray yourself as a person other people enjoy, and do not feel obliged to engage with.  Recognize that you have the potential to be what you want and do what you want.

What Politicians Do When Their Candidate Loses

Early November rolls around, and the citizens of the United States of America are starting to become aware of the results of the election.  You quickly realize that your candidate, the one who you’ve done nothing but argue for and defend, is going to lose.  All that bitching you’ve done, all those eye rolls you’ve received from others, all those simple conversations that you have had that turned into arguments, have all been proven to be overruled by the mass population.  

You lost, your nominee is out of the job, deal with it.  If you find yourself around the Republican or Democratic parties after either of their aspirant’s has lost, here’s what you should expect from your overenthusiastic political acquaintances:

  1. Fully expect to hear whining and complaining about how terrible the next four years will be and how much better they would have been, had their candidate won.
  2. Expect to see their true Republican/Democratic sides come out even more.  You think those bumper stickers are coming off?  No way.  Expect to see more stickers, more signs, and more social media broadcasting.  
  3. Expect to hear how when these four year’s are up, that the country has the opportunity to get back in order when the opposing party has a fair shot at office.  
  4. Bitching- Expect more bitching.