Ditch the Man Boobs, Bro

Nothing looks worse on a dude than walking around with a real nice set of droopy, sloppy, anything-but-firm, boobs.  It’s not too often you hear a girl say, “Check out the rack on that guy.”  Or, “Man, Phil Mickelson has a great body!”

Get ready for the beach, bros.  Get that chest tight and quit stealing your girl’s bra.  We are here to give you a few pointers on how to firm up that chest so that you’re not the guy swimming with his shirt on.

Exercise 1: Bench Press

If you are capable of doing it, my advice is, do it!  Be careful with the weight.  If you are just starting, use the bar as your test.  Pump a few reps out and add wieght accordingly.  ***TIP*** Burn out your muscles.  Don’t just pump out 5-10 and call it quits.  Do it until you no longer can.  The more you burn out your muscles, the more they recover and tone up.

Exercise 2: Dumbbell Press

Use either a bench or that exercise ball you bought to ditch that gut.  Lay so that your back is supported.  Grip two dumbbells (size accordingly) and pump out reps simultaneously.  Once again, burn your muscles out.

Exercise 3: Pushups

There are so many ways to do pushups.  I recommend, flat ground pushups, dumbbell pushups, and inclined pushups for those having difficulty with others.  Flat ground pushups… Start with your hands shoulder width apart and dip all the way to the ground.  Aim for 20-25. Do more.  Adjust hands together so that pointers and thumbs are touching, making a diamond shape in your hand.  Dip same distance and do same amount.  Then more.  After, spread hands about double the length of shoulder width so you are doing military style pushups.  Same numbers, same dip.

Exercise 4: Triceps Dips

 If you do not have the availability to get to a gym, you can do these anywhere that a 90 degree angle on a kitchen counter exists at home.   Just let your legs dangle and use your body weight against you to push yourself up.

Exercise 5: Just Do Some Cardio

Try and start or finish your workouts with 15 minutes of any type of cardio you prefer.  Use it as a warm up or a nice way to end your hard work.  15 minutes is not bad.


2 thoughts on “Ditch the Man Boobs, Bro

  1. Just used my Tone Fitness Balance Board for the first time. The first thing you will notice is that it is very short in ltengh. I am a 5′ 2″ lady, with a small frame, and it is on the small side for me. Granted I also use it for Les Milles BodyPump and lay on it. When I lay on it, my head is on but my lower body is completely off. I guess it helps with the abs. Other than that I love the color and height.

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