20 Minute Workout

In need of an amazing workout but don’t have the time to spend all day at the gym?  Try J Norman’s Workout today and see the amazing effects it will have on your body.  Here we go:

  1. 50 Crunches (do on a workout ball if possible)
  2. 20 Burpees
  3. One minute plank
  4. 25 pushups
  5. 50 side crunches (25 each side)
  6. 20 Squats (no weights)
  7. 20 Pushups
  8. 30 second plank

Repeat this process until fatigued or until your schedule demands you to stop.  Exercise cautiously on your body and on your heart.  If anything feels like too much work, limit the amount of repetitions you perform.  Make it your goal to perform these workouts for a 20 minute duration.


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