Great Date Ideas for You and Your Significant this Fall

With the fall season rolling around we see a change in scenery, some love it, some dread it, but we should all find a way to embrace it.  With the cooling weather comes a picturesque view around every corner.  The leaves change colors, the fall wardrobes come about, and the autumn activities come into play.

Here are a few dates that you and your spouse should consider for this fall:

Hot Air Balloon Ride- This is one that I hope to have scratched off of my bucket list sometime soon.  This Fall perhaps???  Who knows?  I recommend you try it.  If you do, brag about it, to me, to your friends, to everyone.  It seems like an incredibly romantic experience and autumn seems to be the best time to do it. 

Pick Pumpkins Together- If this is your first autumn together, you must pick some pumpkins with each other.  It is a simple, yet affordable date that will be remembered forever.  It’s like picking a Christmas tree together, but not so serious.

Check out the pumpkins we did last Fall…

Bake Together- Google a pie recipe (I say apple) that sounds irresistible.  Buy the ingredients and have an awesome time doing this with one another.  Baking/cooking with one another will bring you closer in such simple, fun ways.  If you’re lucky it could turn into this…

Watch Some Scary Movies Together- With Halloween rolling around, what better way to prep than with a few of your favorite horror flicks?  (The Shining)

BONUS: Do all of these things while sipping your favorite pumpkin spiced lattes and apple ciders together.  Mmm, it really makes it feel like fall when you throw those into the mix. 


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