Use Garlic Instead of Antibiotics

Today’s Tip of the Day: Use Garlic Instead of Antibiotics.  

So often, people who feel the faintest bit of a cold coming on, run to their doctors in attempts to receive some sort of an antibiotic in hopes of relieving their symptoms.  There can be certain hazards to the human body after relying on antibiotics for illnesses over time.  Did you know that the more often you take antibiotics, the less your body is able to fight off cancerous cells.  Also, with a reliance the drugs, antibiotics kill off the body’s healthy bacteria (yes it exists).

Garlic has been researched to be a powerful natural antibiotic, and unlike the drugs, garlic will not kill off the healthy bacteria in one’s body.  Garlic is an effective antiviral.  In order for garlic to serve as a natural antibiotic, it needs to be consumed raw.  Try consuming a clove or two of raw garlic the next time you come down with some not-so-fun symptoms.


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