Tip of the Day- Hygiene Heads Up

A tip to the wise: Hygiene is more than reassuring yourself that you smell reasonable.  Hygiene consists of cleaning up in several ways, including your body’s scent.

#TOD: Every woman AND man should be equipped with a pair of tweezers, nail clippers, and a nail file.  Before any important event (work, weddings, meetings, dinners, etc) make sure your nails are properly groomed, your eyebrows are clean and intact, your body’s odor is of an elegant fragrance, your nostrils are trimmed and clean, and that your ears have been cleaned of wax. 

Imagine sitting in an interview and the interviewer notices one unkempt area on your person.  Your first impression will immediately be tainted.  Be sure that these areas are clean as a whistle.

Remember, proper hygiene speaks a lot of an individual.  Being clean cut, well groomed, and bathed are important aspects of every public appearance. 

You can refer back to our article on best fragrances for further information on hygiene.


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