#Griffining.  What is it?  Much like #Tebowing, #Griffining is a celebratory position taken from a specific pose the athlete did or does in celebrating a touchdown.  In this case, Robert Griffin III will soon be trademarking the term Griffining in hopes to catch a buck or 2 off of the new phase.


Griffining is whilst among the seated position, throwing both hands up into the air in resemblance to the Touchdown symbol officials make when a player scores.  RG III is seen pointing his 2 index fingers into the air in this seated, touchdown position as well.

#Griffining is a sad realization in what today’s world has come down to.  Any phase that people can go off on and attempt to see go viral or become trending, is what this is.  The kid got knocked down and was celebrating from his rear, and now this silly trend is growing.

I hope RG III has a magnificent career and that he continues to be the standup person he is, on and off the field.  I just hope that #Griffining doesn’t become a big thing.


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