Cheat on Your Diet

Trying to diet and realizing it is making you a mean and miserable person?

It’s not easy declining your favorite cereal in the morning, turning down that bread at lunch, avoiding your favorite meal at home, not ordering what you want on the menu, and not allowing yourself to even look at the dessert menu.  It sucks.  I know.  But there is good news for those of you that are dieting!

You should allow yourself one “Cheater Day” per week if you are going to take your dieting serious.  It is not smart to limit your body to a reduced number of calorie intake over a period of time.  Doing such, forces your body to get into a rhythm and allows for a comfort zone of a certain calorie intake.  Spiking your calorie intake one day per week keeps your body out of that rhythm.  Extreme dieting can lead to symptoms such as mood swings and fatigue.

Instead of forcing your body to get used to a lowered calorie intake, you should take one day a week to eat the things you miss the most.  Order that pizza, eat that cereal, or chow down that pasta.  Notice how I said OR.  I do not want you to stuff your body full of pizzas, cookies, cakes, and pastas on this day.  What I want is for you to not limit yourself.  Choose responsibly what you are going to ingest.  Don’t destroy your diet by eating 10,000 calories in one day.  Just know that you can cheat a little bit and eat the things you are missing.

With this, “Cheater Day”, your body will not completely adjust to your dieting habits.  It will allow for more calories to be burnt and will satisfy yourself from a mental standpoint knowing that you are able to still eat some of the things you desire.  With a spike in calories on this one specific day, your body will find a way to fluctuate and burn off the critical intake.  

Be sure to include the proper amount of physical activity during this diet.  Dieting is not as immediately successful without proper workouts and behaviors.


2 thoughts on “Cheat on Your Diet

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