Today’s Worst Dressed

Not sure how many of you caught last week’s MTV Video Music Awards, but there were some interesting getups per usual.  We are going to focus on a few today that were a bit more ghastly than not.

Nicky Minaj

We get it.  You always do the over the top thing and shoot for Lady Gaga’s extreme fashion guide.  One of these days can you just show up in a nice dress or gown and let people see your elegant side?

Emma Watson

Who doesn’t like Emma Watson?  She’s just one of those actresses you really can’t dislike.  She’s never been mean in a single scene of Harry Potter so we all have to assume this is how she is in real life.  Still, this attire was pretty impractical.  The shoes are solid, but still not your best Emma.


I’m a big Drake fan, just not a fan of his shirt selection.  I don’t even like taking shots at him, but Drake, you can do much better.

Ezra Miller

Who?  Yeah, no idea who this kid is, just know his suit game is horrid.  Avoid anything of the sort.


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