Sockless Style

Something most men don’t realize is that sockless is sexy, stylish, and classy all in one.  Whether you’re rocking your boat shoes with khaki shorts or all suited up for a wedding, going sockless can show off your sense of warm-weather-style.  There are some occasions where socks are required, but we’ll go through some scenarios where they most certainly are not.

Unfortunately for those readers outside of tropical climates, the Fall season is now upon us and will be bringing cooler temperatures, hence putting some sockless wardrobes on hold. My advice is to hurry and take advantage while you still can.

Socks should never be worn with boat shoes.  Never.  Never ever.  Don’t even think about it.

When choosing to go sockless with a suit, be sure it’s done the right way.  Your suit needs to be appropriately tailored.  It’s funny that once were considered “Floods” can now be considered stylish.  A summer suit pant can be hemmed to the point where the lower parts of your ankles can be seen.  There really should be no break to the pant leg.  This way when you strut or sit down and give an elegant leg cross, people can some of your skin.  They’ll be impressed.

Casual sockless style can be worn with:

  1. Dress pants like khakis or separate suit pants.  Whether you choose to wear a loafer or a pointed tip, it is fashionably acceptable and admirable.
  2. Jeans.  If you’re into the “rolled up look”, roll up the jeans so they’re just above the ankle and show some skin.  If not, you can still go sockless with jeans.  The roll-up gives it a bit more of an effect.
  3. Shorts.  You more or less can choose to ditch the socks with any pair of shorts you wear.  From gym shorts to dress shorts, socks can be eliminated.  Just be sure to wear the appropriate shoes.

2 thoughts on “Sockless Style

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