Most Stylish Sports League of 2012

We have seen some athletes pull off some trends they simply should not, whilst others we catch ourselves admiring.  We’ll take some shots at some guys and give some credit to others.  Russell Westbrook deserves a shot for this one…

Very often we see people labeled as stylish because they are ballsy with what they wear.  They wear things that others simply wouldn’t be caught dead in.  I’ve got news for them and you: That does not make someone stylish!  Kanye West, for example, is often, not portraying stylish wardrobes.  He wears things that are designed for women and that are over the top, and people label him as stylish.  That’s not how it works.

Out of the NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL, and PGA, J Norman & Company has given the title of the most fashionable sports league to… (Anticipated drumroll)…  The NBA.  The NBA is consistently putting on fashion shows for us in pre-game and post game-camera appearances.  I’ll admit, some are a little too far out there, but some are great.  From Russell Westbrook’s fake, red glasses, to Lebron’s three-piece suit collections, the NBA claims the title in a dominant manner.

(video is a little weird but check it out)

Coming in second, we give it to the NFL.  Tom Brady is amongst many footballers rocking some slick outfits.  We’ve seen Steven Jackson and Larry Fitz also pulling out several tricks to stay looking fly.  Here’s Peyton showing he’s got some style.

Third goes to the MLB.  No one in particular stands out with his wardrobe selections but they somehow seem to look pretty legit in interviews.  Here’s Matt Kemp looking fresh to death.

Last place goes to the NHL.  I’m just surprised these guys aren’t drinking a beer and rocking a dip in their post game appearances.

We left the PGA off the list for now, but vote them in if you feel the PGA is worth mentioning.

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2 thoughts on “Most Stylish Sports League of 2012

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