Change Up Your Style (Part I)

Change is Good

Going through the same motions everyday?  Not sure?  Let’s recap your mornings shall we?

You shit, you shower, you shave, you brush, you change, you eat, and blah blah blah.  Let’s fine-tune things.  Are you doing your hair the same way every day?  Are you wearing the same clothes on a weekly basis?  Do you shave or not shave way too consistently?  Do you wear the same shoes too often?  Same socks?  Same ties?

For what it’s worth, there are a lot of people answering these questions with an insecure and hesitant, “… Yes”.  Not to worry.  There are simple ways to change your routine that will give your mornings, afternoons, and evenings that little spark inside that you have been searching for (most likely without knowing).

Here are a few ways to change up routines without spending a dollar:

Change, change, change.  Do not settle for wearing the same old shirt, tie, shoe, sock, combination to the office.  Wonder why you haven’t heard anyone say, “Hey, you look great today!” in a while?  It’s probably because you look incredibly similar everyday and they would just be feeding you a white lie if they told you that.

Shirt/tie combos:  Change it.  Focus on wearing light colored, solid button downs with the tie of your choice.  Don’t get tacky and wear overly obnoxious colors.  I personally love a solid shirt with a solid tie.  It is simple, stylish, and classy.  Try on a light blue shirt with a light pink tie.  Wear a white, spread collar button down with a light blue tie and navy pants.  Throw on some light brown shoes to make it work.  Wear a solid color shirt with a tie that is also solid, but a shade lighter of the color of the button down.

Pants:  Avoid pleats.  Avoid breaks.  When a pant leg seems too long they look baggy and unkempt.  Keep them wrinkle free and be sure to slim it down.  Nobody looks good in baggy dress pants anymore.  **Find your favorite suit, take the pants, and wear them with sepearte tops and jackets.  Breaking down your suit is a secret not too many people think to do or think that they are allowed to do.**

Suits: Slim it down!  You can look just as good in a $2,000 suit that you can in a $200 suit.  Take it to the tailor, take the jacket in, hem the pants, taper them, and go for the “European look”.  Slim is in.  You may be uncomfortable at first, but it will go a long way.

Polos:  If you’re going to wear a polo to work, to dinner, to anywhere… Do it right.  Shoot for a slim fitting polo if your body allows you to wear it.  Aim for shorter sleeves, slim torso fittings, and do not tuck it in too tightly.  A dress shirt and a Polo should be tucked in very differently.  Tuck the button down in nice and tight; give the polo a little breathing room at the bottom.

Shoes: Wear brown with blue.  Wear black with grey.  Wear brown with grey.  My advice is to go buy some pointed tip dress shoes in brown and black.


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