Worst 5 Celebrities

We’re going to count it down in reverse so we can save the worst for last.  There are some abominably atrocious celebrities out there that have many of us wondering how they became who they are in the first place.  Let’s run through who you should avoid mimicking at all costs.

5. Kristen Stewart– I normally don’t thrive on taking shots at people, but this ‘one-emotion’ woman deserves it.   She literally bares one emotion at all times.  That is, sulk.  Her smiles are fake, her laughs are faker, and she just seems bothersome to everyone she is around.  From her MTV award moments to her to her on camera awfulness, Kristen sits in at number 5.  And I still haven’t mentioned the fact that Kristen Stewart cheated on Robert Pattinson.  What?!

4. Lindsey Lohan– Let’s just say that Mr. Lohan didn’t do the best job.  The famed actress, starring in Parent Trap, had her last shining moment after the release of the 1998 hit.  Since then, it seems we’ve seen a tornado of mistakes made by Lohan.  She did well in 2004 film, Mean Girls but it seemed to be the beginning of her downfalls.  The DWI, the drug busts, the over-excessive partying, all are remarkable boosts to her Hollywood resume.  She is never stylish to the public eye (only in movies when wardrobes are already picked out), she continuously destroys her chances at a comeback, and she makes our list at Number 4 celebrity to avoid calling your role model.

3. Kanye West– I put him on this list with a sense of hesitation because I am guilty of listening to his music.  He’s a talented artist.  I will give him that.  However, he is also kind of a dick.  From the embarrassing act at the MTV awards with Taylor Swift to the fact that he is dating Kim Kardashian, Kanye is easy to put him at # 3.  He considers himself stylish and trendy, but really we see that he just wears absurd attires that have often been women’s clothing.  Wearing things other people wouldn’t be caught dead in does not make you stylish, it makes you ballsy… Not always a good trait.

2. Whitney Houston– Well if there were ever an argument to marry for love, Whitney Houston would not fit the role.  Have you ever seen such potential stardom turn to such downfall so dramatically.  Here’s some advice: Marry your best friend.  Also, don’t smoke crack.  Fail and fail for Whitney.  She began to look older, worn down, exhausted and overall fatigued the day she met Bobby Brown.  Drugs and violence in a relationship don’t mix.  Truly a sad story and we hope she is in a better place.

1. The Entire Jersey Shore Cast- Hands down the absolute last people on earth you want to base any of your wardrobe or behavioral decisions off of.  Not one of them stands for any bit of style or class.  Ed Hardy graphic tees, steroid induced muscles, spray tans, blow-outs, constant stumbling drunken episodes, erratic mood swings, roid rage, violent fighting with spouses, countless STDs, are no ways to go through the prime of one’s life.  Everyone has seen the show, and at one time, everyone was entertained.  However, it ceases to amaze me that there was ever a human on the planet that could continue to watch more of Ronnie and Sammy fighting, more Situation douchiness, more Meatball madness, and more Vinnie and Pauly smashing.


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