The Finishing Touch to Your Dressy Wardrobe

“Why wear cuffs?” you ask?  It’s like taking a bite of a delicious meal and saying, “It tastes very good but there’s just something missing.”  Look in the mirror after you are all suit and tied up, hair done, shoes on…  Now imagine a nice spread collar shirt with a beautiful pair of cuff links.  Much better.

Cufflinks are ornamental clasps that are worn on the shirt of a man or woman to secure the two sides of a button down shirt together at the sleeve.  In order for a shirt to properly wear cufflinks, the shirt must be a French cuff or must have no buttons at the sleeve area.  There are two main forms of cufflinks:

  1. Metallic Cuffs– Usually seen as decorative and flashy.  Can be made of silver, gold, or steel.
  2. Cloth/Silk– These cuffs are usually more casual than that of metal ones and have knots at both ends to secure through the shirt’s button holes.

A proper pair of cufflinks can really add that final touch to a beautiful tuxedo or a magnificently tailored suit.  With your jacket on, pull your sleeves so that your cuffs show.  People will be sure to give you a double take.

John Hardy makes a phenomenal array of men’s cuff links to choose from.  These here are a pair from the John Hardy collection:

John Hardy cufflinks can be found at Tony Walker & Co, located at 5110 Main St, Buffalo NY 14221.


2 thoughts on “The Finishing Touch to Your Dressy Wardrobe

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