Tip of the Day

Watch the TV show, Wilfred.  One’s immediate impression of the show may be that it is juvenile and they are too old for it.  Trust me, you/they are not.  You have to allow yourself to watch one episode and I am pretty sure you will be hooked.  

The show’s concept consists of the main character, Ryan, played by Elijah Wood (best known for his roles as Frodo in The Lord of the Ring movies) who is going through some life struggles.  After certain contemplations, Ryan snaps out of it a little bit and begins to see his neighbor’s dog, Wilfred, as a human being wearing a dog costume.  Wilfred has an Australian accent and an impeccable sense of humor.  His one-liners and outrageous outbursts make him hilarious to view.

Take our advice and give Wilfred a watch.  Shows play Thursday nights at 10PM Eastern time on FX.  


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