Foods for Better Sex

The first step to take in looking for better sex is eating healthy.  Change your diet, boost your stamina, please your partner.  Some foods can boost testosterone, leading benefits for your manhood.  Here is a list of foods to go nuts on to go nuts on.

1. Oysters: We have heard it a million times… “Oysters make you horny.”  Well they are high in zinc, great for sperm, and allow for better circulation.  All things to go along with that excited feeling you get.

2. Nuts: Nuts are filled with amino acids that, like oysters, also help for blood circulation through ALL of your body.  Healthy fats, such as the ones that nuts obtain, allow for a higher testosterone level and a better overall libido.  Best choice of nuts: ALMONDS

3. Avocados: If you don’t eat avocados, you should start right now.  They are great for your arteries, blood flow, and overall heart health.  Keeping your heart healthy and the blood flowing keeps EVERYTHING working the way it should.

4. Strawberries: The color red is just sexy isn’t it?  My girlfriend wears it all the time and I don’t think I could flatter her anymore with the compliments, when she does.  Aside from the look, strawberries are beneficial due to their loads of folic acid and vitamin B and are rumored to help in boosting a man’s sperm count.

5. Oats: Oats are filled with amino acids that allow for looseness in blood vessels, leading to a better blood flow.  When relaxed, blood vessels expand, allowing other things to expand.

6. Arugula: Arugula is filled with minerals and antioxidants that help eliminate the consumption of the environment’s destructive pollutants.  These pollutants have been known to damage libido-oriented areas.  So be sure to eat your greens, especially arugula.

*Bonus* Seafood: Yes, oysters go along with this category, but they stand out for their reputation in these regards.  Seafood in general, especially salmon, can be known to play the role of an aphrodisiac.  Be sure to include healthy, fatty, omega 3 acids to your diet, for more than sexual related reasons.

Last 2 images courtesy of Giancarlo’s Sicilian Steakhouse.  Located at 5110 Main Street, Amherst New York.  Try these healthy foods there. 


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