Does Preseason Football Really Matter?

For all of you NFL fans out there, here is a question for you: Does Preseason Football really matter?  With that question I mean, do these preseason stats and outcomes have any determination to the NFL regular season to come?

My short answer is, no.  The preseason really should not get people excited or scared for their favorite teams this fall.  Some determining factors of preseason football are that the Buffalo Bills offense will be terrible and that Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez will continuously make the headlines whether they are winning or losing.  Aside from that, who really cares about the preseason?

This preseason has been good so far in the sense that we have seen some surprising acquisitions, cuts, and starting job victories.  Here are the best things we’ve seen this preseason:

  1. Terrell Owens gets signed and then released within a month.
  2. Peyton Manning’s return- 2 TD’s in his most recent game.
  3. Chad Johnson (Ochocinco) gets signed and released due to domestic violence.
  4. Matt Flynn gets outdone by rookie quarterback Russell Wilson.
  5. The Jets have not scored a single touchdown all preseason.
  6. The rookie hype of RG III and Andrew Luck
  7. New England’s offensive line looks weak.
  8. Cam Newton still looks good
  9. The Bills defense will be okay.  Their offense will be bad.
  10. Maurice Jones-Drew to be traded?

Though we have had some headlines worth mentioning this 2012 preseason, we cannot take too much from it.  All we know is that it should be a great season to come.  Stick around for some predictions soon to come.


2 thoughts on “Does Preseason Football Really Matter?

  1. 5.The Jets don’t score a single touchdown all preseason.

    Whoever wrote this obviously doesn’t know anything about football or sports for that matter. The preseason is not over yet, so the Jets still have an opportunity to score a touchdown.

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