The Most Simple Upgrade to Your Wardrobe

Shoelaces.  Yup.  Got a pair of dress shoes that you think you’ve outworn?  We all do.  Simple solution to giving them some flare again: Buy some new laces.

When buying these new shoelaces, buy a different color than what has been on the shoe you are putting them on.  For example, you’ve got a pair of brown dress shoes with brown laces… Replace them with a pair of navy blue laces and wear outfits that match accordingly.

If you’re considering making the switch to a pair of brown dress shoes, I suggest using navy blue, red, pink, yellow, or a different shade of black.  For a black dress shoe, things get a bit more risky.  A black boot may look better with contrasting colored laces, but a black dress shoe, may be tougher to pull off.  Still though, try it, and see what looks good.

In regards to sneakers, you can play with as many laces as you’d like until your shoes pop.  Go for the simple look with white on white or go nuts with lime green and pink.


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