Fall Fashion Must Haves

A new season rolls around and you realize you’re going to start wearing the same things you wore last Fall, right?  Wrong!  We’re here to show you some of the hottest trends that you should be setting this coming season.  Here’s our secret… **You’ve got to go preppy!**  Whether you are rocking the 50 Cent, baggy jeans and fitted hat look, or still wearing the same wardrobe you wore in eighth grade, our advice to you is to get with the prep.  Feel comfortable with the transition once you make it.
  1. Sport Jackets- I’m talking sport coats, two button jackets, and suit jackets.  It’s essential to step up your game with these jackets for not only the Fall season, but every season.  In my mind, every man should equip himself with a variety of at least three sport jackets in khaki, navy (blazer), and the third can be your choice.  Don’t forget that you can use your suit jackets as sport jackets (wear with different pants than the suit pants).  Got a favorite blue suit with a jacket that fits like a glove?  Throw some khakis on with a select button down shirt, throw the jacket over it all and boom! 
  2. The Tie Bar- Tie bars are such an essential part to a wardrobe that are often overlooked or not even thought of.  I say overlooked meaning that people don’t think to buy these simple elaborate pieces.  It absolutely tops off any shirt/tie/jacket combination.  I have a few rules to the tie bar, however.  **Don’t let the tie bar overlap the tie.**  A tie bar should be less than the width of the tie.  It SHOULD NOT OVERLAP.  Not a must, but **try to wear a tie bar only while wearing a shirt/tie/JACKET combination.**  If your job requires you to wear simply a shirt and tie, throw on a jacket and a tie bar.  You’ll get a few head turns from the people you want them from.
  3. Slim Cut Khakis- Khakis are convenient in the sense that they can be worn at literally any occasion.  Fancy dinners, work, parties, concerts, and even beaches.  Khakis are always appropriate.  Be sure to find the appropriate fit.  Too big or baggy of khaki pants can throw off your entire look.
  4. Pocket Squares- Go buy some cotton or wool pocket squares that color coordinate with your suit, jacket, shirt, and tie combinations.  Avoid silk pocket squares.  They are often floppy and fall down into your jacket and become invisible.  I have purchased a few that I was unhappy with and recently made the transition to cotton squares.
  5. Spread Collar Shirts- Go with slim cut, spread collar shirts.  Hugo Boss and Bugatchi are big name brands that I am big on.  Do it.
  6. Beef up your Sock Collection- Stylish socks are in!  Whether they are a dark solid or a birght colored sock with pattern, make it something that will get people to take a glance.
  7. Thin Ties- I didn’t say skinny.  I said thin.  There’s a difference.  Marc by Marc Jacobs makes a great thin/narrow tie that is acceptable for many occasions.  It’s unfortunate that we can’t get away with wearing the super-skinny ties like they did in the 50’s and 60’s, but now there is a happy medium.  Choose your colors wisely.
  8. Scarves- It’s getting to be a bit cooler, so you’ll have an excuse to wear them even if you’re insecure about it.  Scarves are a great addition to any outfit.  Wear them with a t-shirt or with your winter pea coat.
  9. Hats- I’m talking beanies over snapbacks.  Snapbacks and fitted hats are a bit juvenile these days.  I guess there are a few appropriate occasions like ball games and beaches but otherwise, try for the ‘beanie look’.  Wear it however you choose.

10. Shoes- Shoot for at least one new pair of dress kicks to support your new fall fashion.  Check out some buckled shoes better known as Monk Strap.


3 thoughts on “Fall Fashion Must Haves

  1. Congratulations. The best thing about your blog is that you embody everything you write about. I was thinking about some of the best tips from your high school days – you might want to add some of them down the road as well.

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