How to Plan the Perfect Wedding

Getting hitched in the near future or at least thinking of doing so?  We congratulate you.  But let us give you a few tips on how to make this moment the most magical it can be.  Learn how to plan, who to invite (or not invite), where to go and more…

 No Exes On the Invite List- To quote Johnny Drama, “No exes at a party! Never never never!”  I do not care if you have remained close to an ex over the years or if your family has grown to become best friends with theirs, under no circumstances is it acceptable to invite an ex boyfriend/girlfriend to a wedding.  This is one day of your life where the chances of any drama or discrepancy should be 0% possible.  The addition of an ex, even if he or she is now your best friend, to the guest list immediately tarnishes a certain sense of enjoyment and trust between you and your spouse.  Also, everyone will be whispering about why he or she is there during the ceremony… Don’t do it!!

Hire the Right Photographer- Yes, everyone has a camera these days, so you are bound to gather thousands of pictures on your special day.  However, a professional will capture every moment of preparation, up until the very last dance.  It will put your mind at ease knowing that you are in charge of telling someone to take 87 pictures from 87 different angles of one shot.  Do some research and hire someone that you’ll feel comfortable with.

Invite the Right Amount of People- I don’t want to be one to say, “Only invite 200 people.”  I don’t know if you have the biggest family in the world or if you have 200 best friends…  My advice however, is to make it an appropriate number that will not overwhelm you.  Don’t be shy to break out the red pen and cross off some of the “Maybe’s” on the list.  You don’t want to spend your time saying hello to people you have lost touch with.  One important thing to do when putting this list together: Don’t feel obligated!  Seriously, do not feel like you owe it to anyone to have them there.  Don’t let your parents put pressure on inviting their friends.  It is YOUR day.  Keep it to those close to you and enjoy it the way you want.  200 is a number that many people like to base their list around.  Start there and add or subtract appropriately.

Band Before DJ- For a long time, I convinced myself that when the day comes, I would hire a DJ because I would be 100% in charge of what songs were to be played and by what artists.  After experiencing several weddings where there was a mix of DJ’s and Bands, I have come to learn that a band brings a much more authentic aspect to the wedding and makes it an overall, much more genuine sense to the night.  Where a DJ tends to holler over the microphone in between songs in that, oh so stereotypical DJ voice, a band doesn’t bring that phony need for attention.  A DJ wants credit for the songs he plays while a band wants to see everyone dancing and enjoying their music.  Do the appropriate research and find a band that you love to play on your special day.

Use Weddeos- Never heard of Weddeos?  Want to make sure you capture as much as you can on your special day via video?  Weddeos is perfect.  They ship 5 easy to use, HD cameras to you.  You choose five friends you want to be in charge of these cameras during the day.  The 5 friends decide what they want to film on their own throughout the entirety of the day.  At the conclusion of the wedding (or days after), send back the cameras, and award-winning editors will put together a magical film for you, your friends, your family, and your spouse to enjoy for a lifetime.  Check them out and be sure to involve something like this in your wedding.

Choose Wisely if It’s A Destination Wedding- These can be very pricey for you, your family, and your friends.  A destination wedding evokes plenty of outrageous excuses from friends you want there, but who simply don’t want to spend that kind of money.  My original advice was to avoid destination weddings and to shoot for hometown weddings.  I won’t stick to that.  Instead I will point out the positives to hometown weddings.  For those that have moved away from home, it is the perfect excuse to fly back home and spend an enchanting time with old friends and family.  Home weddings make it easier on the grandparents or elderly guests to be in attendance.  Flying miles away can really bring about certain stresses and difficulties that don’t need to be present.

Dress Right- Guys.  Wear tuxes.  Not to say that a good suit doesn’t look great, but a tux is just so classy and elegant.  How often do you get excuses to wear tuxes?  If you decide to do suits, go all out.  Look as good as you can on this big day.  If you take my advice, go for a dark tux.  That is either black or navy.  Get them fitted!  Tailoring is so important.  Get that tux to fit like a glove.  Keep it slim, sleek, and stylish!  Get the pants hemmed and tapered to fit like your favorite celebrity wears his.  You may decide on ties on your own.  Be sure to make it a color coordination that looks sharp!  Possibly have one slight difference to your wardrobe than that of the groomsmen to stand out.  My advice: Google your favorite celebrity or “stylish tuxedoes” and find the best looking picture.  Print it out or save it to your phone.  Take it to your tailor and tell them you want to look exactly like that.  You can’t go wrong.  Really try hard to look your absolute best.  This is supposed to be the best time of your life.

Girls, pick your favorite dress in the entire world!  Google images and find what you think looks legitimately too good, and then find it.  For your bridesmaids, make sure they are happy with what they are wearing.  I have heard numerous snickering conversations about the atrocious dresses that were picked.  It is a good way to make sure you look better than them, but not to worry, you will no matter what.  Pick a color that you love, pick a style that will impress, and keep your entourage happy.  Make sure all dresses fit perfect.  Go all out on tailoring and make several appointments leading up to the big day.

Give the Appropriate Time Between the Wedding Ceremony and the Reception- Don’t make it stressful to your guests to get from one destination to the other.  If you have a ceremony that will be at a different location than the reception, give your guests some time.  Keep everyone comfortable and give yourself enough time to get gathered.

Get YOUR Favorite Food- It’s your day.  Get what you want.  It doesn’t matter if it is buffet style or serving style, just be sure to get what you like.  Include pre-dinner appetizers and eat like the King and Queen that you and your spouse should be treated like.

Marry Your Best Friend- If you can’t call your future wife or husband your best friend, than you are not with the right person.  Marry for love.  Find your appropriate soul mate and become their absolute best friend.  Tell them everything.  Do everything together.  Laugh, play, dance, eat, sleep, and fart, together.  Never be shy or uncomfortable with the one you are with.  Be the most outgoing you could be with the one you love the most.  The stupid things that you do when no one is looking, do in front of them.  Don’t marry for any reason but love.

 Let Everything Else Just Happen- Pick your favorite flowers, let your bridesmaids and groomsmen give the best speeches, dance with your parents, dance with everyone, and have the best time ever!

Just be HAPPY!


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