The Finishing Touch to Your Dressy Wardrobe

“Why wear cuffs?” you ask?  It’s like taking a bite of a delicious meal and saying, “It tastes very good but there’s just something missing.”  Look in the mirror after you are all suit and tied up, hair done, shoes on…  Now imagine a nice spread collar shirt with a beautiful pair of cuff links.  Much better.

Cufflinks are ornamental clasps that are worn on the shirt of a man or woman to secure the two sides of a button down shirt together at the sleeve.  In order for a shirt to properly wear cufflinks, the shirt must be a French cuff or must have no buttons at the sleeve area.  There are two main forms of cufflinks:

  1. Metallic Cuffs– Usually seen as decorative and flashy.  Can be made of silver, gold, or steel.
  2. Cloth/Silk– These cuffs are usually more casual than that of metal ones and have knots at both ends to secure through the shirt’s button holes.

A proper pair of cufflinks can really add that final touch to a beautiful tuxedo or a magnificently tailored suit.  With your jacket on, pull your sleeves so that your cuffs show.  People will be sure to give you a double take.

John Hardy makes a phenomenal array of men’s cuff links to choose from.  These here are a pair from the John Hardy collection:

John Hardy cufflinks can be found at Tony Walker & Co, located at 5110 Main St, Buffalo NY 14221.


Worst 5 Celebrities

We’re going to count it down in reverse so we can save the worst for last.  There are some abominably atrocious celebrities out there that have many of us wondering how they became who they are in the first place.  Let’s run through who you should avoid mimicking at all costs.

5. Kristen Stewart– I normally don’t thrive on taking shots at people, but this ‘one-emotion’ woman deserves it.   She literally bares one emotion at all times.  That is, sulk.  Her smiles are fake, her laughs are faker, and she just seems bothersome to everyone she is around.  From her MTV award moments to her to her on camera awfulness, Kristen sits in at number 5.  And I still haven’t mentioned the fact that Kristen Stewart cheated on Robert Pattinson.  What?!

4. Lindsey Lohan– Let’s just say that Mr. Lohan didn’t do the best job.  The famed actress, starring in Parent Trap, had her last shining moment after the release of the 1998 hit.  Since then, it seems we’ve seen a tornado of mistakes made by Lohan.  She did well in 2004 film, Mean Girls but it seemed to be the beginning of her downfalls.  The DWI, the drug busts, the over-excessive partying, all are remarkable boosts to her Hollywood resume.  She is never stylish to the public eye (only in movies when wardrobes are already picked out), she continuously destroys her chances at a comeback, and she makes our list at Number 4 celebrity to avoid calling your role model.

3. Kanye West– I put him on this list with a sense of hesitation because I am guilty of listening to his music.  He’s a talented artist.  I will give him that.  However, he is also kind of a dick.  From the embarrassing act at the MTV awards with Taylor Swift to the fact that he is dating Kim Kardashian, Kanye is easy to put him at # 3.  He considers himself stylish and trendy, but really we see that he just wears absurd attires that have often been women’s clothing.  Wearing things other people wouldn’t be caught dead in does not make you stylish, it makes you ballsy… Not always a good trait.

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Tip of the Day

Play a harmless prank every once in a while.  Pranking people is one of the most fun things to do to get a laugh for yourself and for a peering crowd.  One rule of pranking: Prank someone who can take it.  Often, you play a joke on the wrong person and then end up taking a swing at you or getting back at you for the next year.  Find someone who will laugh it off and who will not overreact.  Simple, fun, and everyone (including the victim) got a laugh out of it.  Laughter has many health benefits that people are not aware of.  Feeling down?  Be around someone that will make you laugh or watch something that will make you crack a smile.  

Perks of laughing:

  1. Laughter protects the heart- Laughing improves the function of blood vessels and boosts blood flow, hence reducing risks of heart attacks.
  2. Laughter releases endorphins- Endorphins are what help make the body naturally feel good and can relieve pain.
  3. Laugher is relaxing- Laughter reduces tension and stress and can physically relax your muscles.
  4. Laughter boosts the immune system- When laughing, stress hormones decrease and antibodies increase reducing your risk of illness.

These videos should do the trick…

Today’s Worst Dressed

This post should portray no political persuasion to the voting crowd of America, yet should depict a wardrobe to avoid.  Politician, and potential Veep, Paul Ryan has won the award not worth celebrating.

Paul Ryan is constantly rocking Dad’s old sport coat you find in the back of the closet and oversized suits.

J Norman & Co has some affiliates we will leave the political debating to, but leave it to us to pick apart Paul Ryan’s sense of style, or lack there of.

The Most Anticipated Movies for Fall, 2012

  1. Lawless- The cast alone should sell you on this flick.  Tom Hardy, Gary Oldman, Shia Lebeof, Guy Pearce, Jessica Chastain, and more put together a cast to portray the style of life (for some) during the era of Prohibition.  The trailer sizzles and is sure to sell.  Lawless opens August 28th.
  2. SKYFALL- In theatres November 9th, James Bond makes another appearance to the big screen.  Though I have still not been sold on Daniel Craig as James Bond, I think I’ll give in and give this one a shot.
  3. Taken 2- I did not think this film would produce a sequel and I am still not sure if it will be the right decision.  However, it remains to be seen, and since Taken generated such a wide fan base, I am sure tickets will sell.  Movie opens October 5th.
  4. Hotel Transylvania- This computer-animated kid’s flick is sure to please crowds young and old.  Tim Burton’s newest release stars the voices of Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg, and Selena Gomez and comes to theatres on September 28. Continue reading

Tip of the Day

Watch the TV show, Wilfred.  One’s immediate impression of the show may be that it is juvenile and they are too old for it.  Trust me, you/they are not.  You have to allow yourself to watch one episode and I am pretty sure you will be hooked.  

The show’s concept consists of the main character, Ryan, played by Elijah Wood (best known for his roles as Frodo in The Lord of the Ring movies) who is going through some life struggles.  After certain contemplations, Ryan snaps out of it a little bit and begins to see his neighbor’s dog, Wilfred, as a human being wearing a dog costume.  Wilfred has an Australian accent and an impeccable sense of humor.  His one-liners and outrageous outbursts make him hilarious to view.

Take our advice and give Wilfred a watch.  Shows play Thursday nights at 10PM Eastern time on FX.  

Building Your First Bar (Part 1): Why You Should Assemble a Bar

1.  Beer gets boring

Most of my friends are beer drinkers.  I like beer okay.  It’s cheap, convenient and it satisfies most guests.  It works for the beach or the ballgame.  Still, it’s needlessly filling, overly carbonated and usually bland.  Even the less bland brews are overpriced and possess names that appeal to the lowest common denominator.  No self-respecting gentlemen should purchase Triple X Ale or Large-Breasted Blonde (get it?).  There must be a better way to expand our horizons!

2.  Mixing Cocktails is a path to self-realization

Save for homebrews, beer and wine are impersonal.  The character of the beverage is designed for the mass-market, including the guy who impresses his friends by serving Orgasmic Oatmeal Stout.  Without getting too existential, these beverages would exist in their same form whether or not you were ever born (discounting Butterfly Effect, Back to the Future laws of physics, etc.).  Now to the existential: buying Mass Market Light should make you feel like a peon in a world that really is indifferent to your purchase/existence/rebate-mailing-in, not the independent and creative man of consequence to which your girlfriend and Ayn Rand vicariously aspire.  (Note: despite their similar aspirations for you, never confuse them…

Cocktails, in contrast, are always a matter of self-expression.  No two cocktails are exactly the same, unless your bar has hair-netted quality control personnel contracting a nice on-the-clock buzz, ensuring uniformity, conformity, soullessness.  Rather, the mass-produced liquors are mere ingredients, resigned to a futile existence but for your masterful pour which renders a sum greater than the parts.  Simply put, your creation of a great cocktail is your only potable path to self-realization.  As Rand wishes she had put it, you don’t have to have a wet bar to be a Fountainhead.  As your girlfriend might say, I’ll forgive you for skipping my Dad’s birthday dinner because you just mixed me a tasty, original cocktail.

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Tip of the Day

Get a dog!  When it comes to the point in your life where you are able to afford and take care of a dog, do it.  Very cliche to say, but dogs really are man’s best friend.  They pick you up when you are down, they’re always happy, and they’re always there for you.

In my opinion, dogs are the most loyal animals and will be there to bring positivity into your life.

Man's best friend has an undeniable kindness

Man’s best friend has an undeniable kindness 


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Does Preseason Football Really Matter?

For all of you NFL fans out there, here is a question for you: Does Preseason Football really matter?  With that question I mean, do these preseason stats and outcomes have any determination to the NFL regular season to come?

My short answer is, no.  The preseason really should not get people excited or scared for their favorite teams this fall.  Some determining factors of preseason football are that the Buffalo Bills offense will be terrible and that Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez will continuously make the headlines whether they are winning or losing.  Aside from that, who really cares about the preseason?

This preseason has been good so far in the sense that we have seen some surprising acquisitions, cuts, and starting job victories.  Here are the best things we’ve seen this preseason:

  1. Terrell Owens gets signed and then released within a month.
  2. Peyton Manning’s return- 2 TD’s in his most recent game.
  3. Chad Johnson (Ochocinco) gets signed and released due to domestic violence.
  4. Matt Flynn gets outdone by rookie quarterback Russell Wilson.
  5. The Jets have not scored a single touchdown all preseason.
  6. The rookie hype of RG III and Andrew Luck
  7. New England’s offensive line looks weak.
  8. Cam Newton still looks good
  9. The Bills defense will be okay.  Their offense will be bad.
  10. Maurice Jones-Drew to be traded?

Though we have had some headlines worth mentioning this 2012 preseason, we cannot take too much from it.  All we know is that it should be a great season to come.  Stick around for some predictions soon to come.