24 Feminine Things That Men Do

All men can admit it: There are things we do/have done that whether it’s while performing the act or afterwards, we realize that it may have been a little fem.  Fem being girly, weird, uncharacteristic, and so on.  After some research and some interviewing here are some things that you aren’t alone on:

1. You love belting out Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus.  Chances are you’ve done it in public.  But that’s kind of in that ironic way that you’re doing it with everyone else at the bar.  Little do they know, you are still belting it out in your car on XM radio and it’s giving you the chills.

2. You dance around in your bedroom when no one is there.  

3. You absolutely loved The Devil Wears Prada 4. You try on multiple outfits before you go out.

5. You go from one mirror to the next… To the next and to the next hoping you’ll look better each time. 6. Get a manicure/pedicure.  I’m still not completely sold on this but apparently lots of men do it.  I still think they should not admit to it.

7. You cry during movies.  Being emotional is by no means something to shun away from.  The film 50/50 makes me cry like a baby every time I watch it.

8. You’ve Worn Makeup: So you got an untimely bastard of a pimple you wish you could beat the living fuck out of and you hid it with some cover up?  More men do it than you think.  9. Enjoy a spa day.  Everyone loves a good massage.  You’d take it from literally anybody. 10. You wish you were friends with Taylor Swift.  Not saying you want to “Bang her” to youre friends, rather that you want to hang out with her and ask her about Harry Styles and John Mayer.

11. You read celebrity magazines or girly mags:  I might enjoy looking through US Weekly and People more than I do ESPN magazines these days.  Wait.  Check that.  I do. 12. You love cuddling.  

13. You use more pet names than your girlfriend.  It’s okay, the last two just mean you’re close with your spouse.

14. You use your spouses lotions, facial cremes, and shower supplies.  I think the fruit scented stuff smells better than the man scented shit.  Judge me.

15. You sing in the shower.  Not my thing but I can’t tell you the amount of videos I see of girlfriends harassing their boyfriends as they belt out Mariah Carey in the shower.

16. You file your nails.  It prevents them from scratching and getting caught on blankets…

17. Your DVR does not scream “Masculinity!”  I have been the guy to go through friend’s DVRs who live by themselves and it is legit embarrassing.  But we aren’t here to judge.

18. You’ve used a face mask before.   19. You enjoy a fruity drink.  

20. You shop when you’re emotional. 

21. You love gossip:  Finding out things before other people do and knowing things you shouldn’t know gives you a guilty satisfaction and always leaves you wanting more.

22. You love taking selfies.   23. You want to be wined and dined.  It’s kind of like those Flip Side videos.  You wish the girl would spoil you more often.

24. You admit to other men being attractive. 

Spring Break Style Tips

Spring Break is getting to the point where we are almost able to use the words, “Around the corner.”  I think we who have experienced this Polar Vortex this year are ready to get away as soon as they humanly can.

Whenever you are able to get away and escape from this repugnant weather, here are some tips so you can get by as smoothly and stylishly as possible.

1. Don’t look like a tourist/traveller: Sometimes it can be a bit too obvious that you’re from Buffalo, NY when you end up in tropical climate areas.  You are the one wearing shorts and a tank top on 60 degree days.  My advice is to pack for cooler days as well.  Southern states have been experiencing more cold weather this winter, so don’t look like a shmuck.  Wear pants when needed or throw on that sweater to be nice and comfortable.

2. Swim Wear: Swim wear has evolved for men (stylish men).  We have stolen roots from the Euro-style and it makes sense.  The drawn-out knee-length (or below-the-knee length) board shorts have lost their lust.  Stylish men are now wearing shorts that are hemmed up a bit higher and show off some thigh.  It’s time for you to not look so ridiculous when you are naked and to have a little more tan to those chicken legs.

3. Pack a nautical sweater: Hopefully you will find yourself at or near a beach.  In this case, the striped sweater is a stylish and appropriate item.  Make it a light and breathable sweater so you can wear it with no undershirt or even wear it with your swim shorts.

4. Take Advantage of the Fact That No One Knows You There: This is one major opportunity where you have the luxury of dressing however you want to dress.  Too insecure to wear your trendy new gear in the suburbs of Clarence??  No problem.  Dress the way you see the celebs dress, the way style magazines promote, and the way you’re too worried about how judged you would get back home.

5. Cut Your Toe Nails: Seriously.  As men, it’s something we pretty much forget to do until our big toe nails get caught on our blankets, socks, and pants.  Get rid of the nasty big toe nails before someone spots them.

6. SPF Moisturizer: Skin care is a big issue now days.  Don’t go fry yourself at the first sight of the sun.  Wear at least SPF 15 on your face and sensitive skin spots.  It’ll keep you looking younger, longer.

7. Utilize the casual undershirt: Suits aren’t just meant for button downs underneath.  Wear that henley shirt your wore to the beach under a sport coat out to dinner one night.  Maybe with a piece of jewelry around your neck and a solid pair of chinos.

8. Find Hot and Trendy Spots: Whether it’s secluded beaches or hip restaurants, find some fun stuff.

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19 Rules for Being a Man in 2014

1. Own at least 1 suit: You’re trying to be a man, right?  Men wear suits.  Own 1 and then let them grow.

2. If you don’t already, develop a firm handshake: A man shakes hands like a man, firm and strong.  Don’t try to break the other man’s hand, but don’t let him be able to mock you for a limp shake.

3. Have a signature drink: If you drink, have one go-to drink and let people know what it is.  Not promoting drinking, just saying.  Maybe your drink is non-alcoholic.

4. When in doubt, dress up: It is so much better to be overdressed than underdressed.  Don’t ever forget that.

5. Call your parents: They’ll appreciate it.  Just do it.

6. Be the bigger man: Don’t act like a high schooler and put people down.  There are better ways to attempt humor than to take personal shots at people.

7. Have a signature meal to cook: Make it something you think most people will like, and something you very much so like.  I vote chicken pot pie!

8. Avoid political arguments at parties: The party was not meant to set up a debate between your drunk uncle and your buddy.  Keep that shit to yourself.

9. Don’t call women bitches or C-words: Especially to their face…

10. Gain etiquette: Hold doors for people, say please and thank you more than you should, apologize when you are wrong.

11. Perform random acts of kindness: Not only will you make others feel good, you will feel better about yourself.

12. Find at least one occasion to wear a tuxedo to: Be baller at least one night and strap on a black bow tie with a tux.  Whether a play, a party, or wedding (even if you must crash), do it.

13. Channel your inner adrenaline junky: First and foremost, be safe.  That being said, do something that will get the blood flowing.  Do something that you normally wouldn’t do.  Stepping out of your comfort zone can be good for you.  Just find a way to make it a new comfort zone, whatever you do.  Try riding a motorcycle, go mountain climbing, sky dive, swim with dolphins (or sharks), etc.

14. Be spontaneous: Plan a trip on a day’s notice, move somewhere because it’s where you want to be, introduce yourself to people you normally wouldn’t.  You have one life, why hold back?

15. Be there for a bro: If you’ve got a pal who got dumped or fired, be there for him.  Cancel with your girl or with work, and be there for your bro.

16. Don’t be pushy with women: If she wants you, you will be able to tell.  If she doesn’t and you are pushy, you will seem like a potential rapist.

17. Get healthy: Smoke less, eat better, drink less, work out more, etc.

18. Do not get a visible tattoo too large: Chances are you’ll hate it someday, this will make you hate it less.

19. Don’t spend any less than $10 on a bottle of wine you are giving as a gift or bringing to a party.  Some people are assholes and will check the price of the bottle.

Is It Time For Politicians To Start Getting More Stylish?

I shouldn’t write anything else.  I shouldn’t post anymore pictures.  I should just leave this article as is.  Hilary in her orange pant suit.  Enough said.

I will need to elaborate a bit more.  People in politics are so absorbed by protecting their image, they will literally hide who they really are.  Shocker, I know…  That being said, they fear that stepping out of the “Political Fashion World”, will leave them to be labeled as something they do not desire to be.  But tell me, is it really that bad to be labeled as a stylish president or congressmen?  Obama dresses like an accountant, and most of his past compadres have as well.  

I think that in today’s world, it should be okay for our political figures to step out of their oversized suits and fat ties.  I’m not saying go out there and dress like a male model, however, they should take notes from talk show hosts such as Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon.  They wear very nice suits, that are slim, but not skinny, and keep themselves very put together.  

J Norman Teams With Ryan Miller Charity

Over the weekend, J Norman & Co. partnered up wit Ryan Miller and his Catwalk for Charity event and showcased a booth featuring our custom suiting partners, Bloodline Handmade.  

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The booth caught attention from many Sabres players and guests of the party.

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Bloodline Handmade PR team.
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Something You See, But Don’t Do

A lot of guys have mentioned the fact that in magazines, on models, and on celebrities, they see men rolling up or pushing up their suit sleeves, but that they never see it in actual life.  The question for this matter is, “How would one sport this look and what type of jacket would it require?”

I have a few jackets that this look is doable with and that I have sported.  One of the jackets has a pattern on the inside of the jacket, so when I roll the sleeves, it seems even more relevant.  The other does not.  The jacket does not need sleeve pattern in order to pull this look off.

When attempting to pull this look off, I highly recommend doing such with a sport jacket rather than a suit jacket.  This look will diversify you from every other Tom and Joe who wears a sport coat.  Be careful though, and make sure you have the right type of jacket to do it with.  The jacket should be unstructured and slim fitting.

Ways to pull this look:

  • With a Button down underneath: If you are wearing a button down underneath the sport coat, you should roll your jacket sleeves first and then roll your button down sleeves over the jacket cuffs, exposing your inner button down cuffs.  This way, if there is cuff detail, it will be noticed.
  • With a short sleeve shirt: Whether a T shirt or henley, you have two options: A. Roll one sleeve on whichever arm you are wearing your watch, to show it off, and leave the other full length. B. Roll them both and show some skin. 
  • Go all out: Pop the collar on the jacket as well as rolling the sleeves.  Some jackets have collar detail.  What better way to show it?